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Cooling Tower Experts, LLC offers construction and reconstruction services for all makes and models of cooling towers. It doesn’t matter if your tower is wood, metal, fiberglass, or concrete, factory-built or field-erected, our team of professionals is ready to restore the life of your cooling tower and save you the astronomical cost of a replacement tower.


Packaged cooling towers are pre-fabricated and arrive at the site in a single unit ready to be placed and installed. These types of units are popular in commercial and institutional applications like office buildings, hospitals, and schools. 

Why go through the pain and expense of replacing the entire unit when a few reconstructive services can make it like new again? There are a number of items that can restore the life of your existing tower that are significantly less expensive than a replacement. 

You’ll need a professional assessment by our team to identify any problem areas that need to be addressed and our preventative maintenance services can identify weaknesses in your packaged tower before they become a problem.

We work on every type of cooling tower!

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These towers are built on-site using custom parts and materials direct from the manufacturer. They are also constructed to handle a higher heat rejection load making them a preferred tower of power plants, refineries, and manufacturing plants. Often the replacement or reconstruction of a few of the tower elements can make all the difference in the life and efficiency of your cooling tower. 

There is nothing we can’t fix or replace on your existing tower

  • Structure and mechanical supports 
  • Gearbox replacements and rebuilds with complete drive shaft alignment
  • Fans and fan pitch
  • Casing panels
  • Distribution basins
  • Collection basins
  • Replacement of fill media
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Our maintenance services keep your cooling tower in top condition, eliminating breakdowns and failures. Learn more about how we can help.

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Whether it’s a new build or refurbishing an old tower, we can help make sure your tower meets the exact specifications.

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Have your internal team trained by a team of safety certified, cooling tower professionals with the best knowledge and resources.