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Package vs. Field Erected Cooling Towers

About Cooling Towers

Repairing or replacing a cooling tower can seem like a stressful experience. So many options exist in terms of size, type, and materials. Bringing in experts in this situation can bring you peace of mind in that you are choosing the best options. In many cases, repairing or replacing certain components of the cooling tower can extend its lifespan and keep it efficient for years to come. In other cases, it ultimately makes the most sense to replace the unit completely. At this point, there is one big decision to make, and that is whether to pursue a package or field erected cooling tower.


Package Cooling Towers


Package cooling towers are pre-fabricated in the factory. These towers arrive on-site as one single unit and are also called “factory assembled.” Once on-site, these need only be placed and installed. There are many benefits to choosing these types of units. For one, because the unit is assembled before arriving on-site, installation time is very short. Also, the repair is often an option when it comes to unit failure. There are many parts of a prefabricated cooling tower in which an issue can occur. Often, repairing or replacing that component gets the unit running smoothly again. This prevents the need for replacing the unit in its entirety.


There are limitations with prefab towers. This type of unit doesn’t work best in situations where the heat rejection load is very high. That is because the higher the heat rejection load, the bigger the tower needed. And, because these units are shipped already put together, the size can only go up to the maximum size that would be carryable by truck.


These towers can’t handle applications in refineries or power plants, they are perfectly capable of handling most small-scale commercial applications such as office buildings, hospitals, and educational institutions.


Field Erected Cooling Towers

Unlike their prefabbed counterparts, field-erected cooling towers don’t arrive on-site as one unit. They are built on the job site and contain many different components. Some of those parts will be standard, mass-produced materials. Others will have been custom manufactured to fit the specific installation.


Because these towers are built on-site, they don’t experience the same restrictions on size. The towers can thus be larger and can support facilities that have very high heat rejection loads. Examples of these types of buildings include large-scale manufacturing facilities and power plants.


Choosing a Type of Cooling Tower Installation


How do you know if your application needs a custom field erected tower or if a pre-assembled version would do? It all depends on the issue of heat rejection load. The higher that number, the more likely it is that you need a tower erected on site. A good rule of thumb is that if heat rejection loads over 5,000 tons, a factory-assembled cooling tower just won’t do. For those with rejection loads between 1,400 and 5,000 tons, either type of tower may work. There would need to be a more thorough assessment in this case to choose the best solution. Heat rejection loads under 1,400 tons can almost always be supported with a prefab tower.


Because of that grey area of situations in which either option could work, it’s important to bring in expert advice from those who have credentials and industry experience to make a sound decision. Doing so will ensure you reach a plan that best fits your needs both in the short term and for years to come.


Repairs and Replacements from Cooling Tower Experts


The folks at Cooling Tower Experts don’t believe that replacement is always necessary in times of cooling tower malfunctioning. Repairing a single working component can mean many additional years of functionality. These components include collection basins and fans.  To know if that’s an option or if repair is inevitable, we conduct a professional assessment of your current tower. From that, we can address any concerns and either make some repairs to the individual components or recommend a new tower be installed.


In addition to simply making repairs, these assessments are also a great time to develop a preventative maintenance plan moving forward. Routine maintenance is crucial for keeping cooling towers running efficiently for many years. Our team can customize a maintenance plan that specifically serves your installation.


Beyond construction, repair, and maintenance, Cooling Tower Experts offers several additional services to help businesses. Our training opportunities give you the chance to learn all about your cooling tower, how it functions, and how to keep it running at a high level for a long time. For those who want the expert knowledge on their side but aren’t as concerned with learning specifics of the unit themselves, you may prefer our consultation services. Our consultants very well know the common mistakes owners make when installing and maintaining a cooling tower. They can help you avoid these and complete successful installations.


Whether you are looking to install a cooling tower for a new application, need to make repairs, or potentially replace an existing one, Cooling Tower Experts would love to partner on the project. To get started, send us a message!